The Upper Room

Project Overview

For our friends at The Upper Room, we ended up designing a total of eight separate websites, after realizing that two of their sites needed to be consolidated into one. We worked hard to give each site its own look and feel while making sure each had an aesthetic connection to the other sites we were designing for them.

We were even able to utilize a consistent footer on each site while making sure the footer still matched the look of each respective site.

We began with the mother of all the sites: The design of this site would provide the basis for all the rest, so it was the best place to start. To fit with their new business goals we designed a space that make their print publications the hero of the homepage and make ordering them far easier than before.


As one of the sub-domain sites we stay close to the design aesthetic established for the main Upper Room site. Previously, the Chapel and Museum were completely incorporated in the the .org site. However, this new site gives them their own unified web presence and visual identity. This site has some really great interactive features, be sure to check out the Last Supper Carving and World Christian Fellowship Window in the chapel.


Another sub-domained website off the main site, the Intentional site quickly communicates its focus and key functionality with a beautiful world map.

We made sure the interface quickly lets users find the edition of the Upper Room publication specific to their country and language.



The Living Prayer Center allows visitors to post prayer requests as one of its major functions. We designed a modal drop-down form that allows this key function to be available from the main navigation on any page of the site. As an additional part of the design process, we also explored and created a new logo for them.


Both the Walk to Emmaus, for adults, and Chrysalis, for teens and young adults, are managed by the Upper Room. We kept many of the user interface styles established on the other sites but had more freedom to establish a look and feel that allow this site to share some visual elements all its own. We also designed an interactive map for finding events happening near you.



This site is directed to a teen and young adult audience but has virtually the same structure and goals of its parent program, Walk to Emmaus. Nevertheless, it needs its own look for their audience. A simple matter of making the right color and typeface choices gives them just the look they need.


With a heavy focus on a book and devotional series published by the Upper Room, Companions in Christ continues many of the user interface elements established for the family of sites. However, we modified it with a special scrolling function to feature books from the series. We also reflect some of the design associated with the print publications in the website’s design.



The Academy’s site focuses on both their long-term and short-term events that train Spiritual Leaders. Not only does the Academy site incorporate many of the same aesthetic elements established on The Upper Room site, but it also incorporates design elements from some of their print collateral. Additionally, we include a re-concieved and redesigned online application process for those interested in the Academy.