Infrastructure Corporation of America

Project Overview

The Infrastructure Corporation of America (ICA) came to us because of our success with websites for other construction-based firms. Due to this experience, we knew that creating a site that featured the scope of their work would deliver the messages they needed.

The end result seems simple, but the architecture process was critical for this project because it exposed how they wanted to feature their portfolio and present the data for the jobs they completed. It seems this data is critical for their audience, which is often members of state governments.

The ensuing architecture brings their projects forward while making it easy to discover their unique benefits.


ICA Website Copy

The messages that resulted on this website can seem simple and straightforward. It may not seem that they were challenging. Actually, the greatest challenge came before the actual writing began. We helped ICA discover what their true benefits to their customers are and how to reveal what they offer to them.

This process of message creation revealed as much to the client about what they do as to their audience.


CLIENT: Infrastructure Corp of America (ICA)

INDUSTRY: Industrial

TYPE: Information Architecture, Copywriting