Project Overview

Working with the Demos family is as exciting as sinking your teeth into any one of their dozens of mouth-watering dishes. They have built a tradition of providing excellent, homemade food at a “fast food” affordable price, and needed a new website to reflect their quality image and brand experience.

The objective here was simple yet challenging: create a website as delicious as their food. In addition, we all wanted this to be more than just your typical restaurant website. Nutrition information, custom food menus, e-newsletter integration via MyEmma, custom e-commerce controls and original Pinterest and Facebook style “pin-board” and “timeline” interior page template designs make unique.

We worked with our friends at Atiba Software on coding this site, and ended up customizing an based content management system called Sitefinity (by Telerik) to allow them to manage all pages, food menu items, sell gift cards online via the payment gateway and have a nice custom news page, blog, lunch specials calendar and mini-HR management system to recruit future employees.


Project management comes standard with every Cabedge project. Our project managers not only help guide our team of talented designers, content strategists and developers and keep everyone on the same page with client goals, deadlines and budgets, but they also provide an extra set of strategic and thoughtful eyes on the project to ensure a quality user experience. Expectations management, asset allocation and phenomenal communication skills are just the tip of the iceberg lettuce in this garden full of tasty carrots (and cabedge). They don’t always make it on the final menu, but the project management services are just as important as the front end design.


In order to get to a top notch web design, you have to think through content and information architecture. We sketched out a full site map, documented a content plan in collaboration with the client to assist with messaging, wrote copy in advance, and wireframed (blueprints) out every page before moving into the design phase.



As mentioned above, this is a custom web design by Cabedge creatives and a custom coding job by Atiba programmers using the Sitefinity CMS. Sitefinity features a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor, and this particular job for Demos’ allows them to manage customer feedback submissions, a lunch specials calendar, all food menu items, news, blog, prospective employee resume submissions and gift card orders all in one place.