BCIR Procedure

Project Overview

We were approached by a client of ours and challenged with a special project. Create a traffic generation strategy to produce leads for one of the most unique and successful medical procedures in the country. Rather than simply send our SEO experts off and running, we created a whole new User Experience and high end web design one-page hub for truly providing solid information about the BCIR Procedure.

CLIENT: IASIS Healthcare

INDUSTRY: Healthcare

TYPE: Development, WordPress, Website Design, SEO, Copywriting

Copywriting, SEO & Research

Not knowing all there is to know about this life-changing complex procedure, we needed to do quite a bit of discovery and research prior to writing all the copy to attempt to connect with the audience of prospective patients.

Custom Web Design & WordPress Development

Rather than create a typical SEO-optimized multi-page site, we decided to do a one page site that moves down the page swiftly as you click on the main navigation items. In addition, there are some sweet custom front end hovers, slides and rollovers – almost like your favorite children’s book with treasures behind the flaps. On the Word Press side of things, the entire CMS is custom, with the client having the ability to not only swap out all content, but there is little maintenance at all involved as photos crop and size automatically when uploaded.