Warner Music

Project Overview

Call us "back-up singers" or even "roadies" - we're proud of our work for Warner Music!

Quite simply, we love when things are simple, and that’s exactly what they are with our friends at Warner Music. The nature of the entertainment industry is that things are constantly changing, and we are happy to provide creative support for them (and others that are fun to work with) on a moment’s notice. As music fans ourselves, we’ve been stoked to work on promotional pages for artists like The Farm (website), Brett Eldridge (website), Blake Shelton (Spotify page), and Sheryl Crow (Splash Page). These projects truly get the star treatment, as our creative team is able to usually turn them around (a full website design) in one week or less. Granted, it is with extreme collaboration with the client in terms of overall creative direction and asset delivery.

Design - Creative Consulting

Sheryl Crow Splash Page

Our friends at Warner Music called again recently with the opportunity to design a splash page web design for a well known artist, Sheryl Crow. Here’s what we came up with.