Project Overview

Our client came to us with multiple projects – a website redesign, logo, brand identity, product naming and architecture and on top of that – the company’s name was up for discussion. This project later resulted in Cabedge executing the business card design, letterhead and other brand materials for the client. It’s also always nice when the client is thrilled with the end result.

Challenge: prioritize what needed to be done to build a successful brand first, logo second, brand guidelines third and website last. We ended up creating not just a logo, but multiple brand extensions and assets for our client to use moving forward.

What we did: Research and understand the e-discovery business and it’s intricacies, opportunities and develop a business strategy that makes sense for the client; Create brand possibilities and sell the client on the new brand; Permeate the brand throughout all materials future materials – website, business cards, internal product development and more.