12 South

Project Overview


Combining the existing Twelve South brand and the art direction of our photography, we created a look and feel that uses both ample whitespace and subtle textures from the product packaging. A minimal and subdued interface allows the products to retain focus while guiding users intuitively through the e-commerce functions.


As common as e-commerce websites are, they’re still complicated. For our friends at 12 South, we utilized Foxycart as the provider of the e-commerce functions and programming. They have a nicely streamlined process that works well with our custom designs.

We guided the client through the process of setting up the necessary accounts, figuring out shipping needs and other boring but truly critical needs. After all, the whole point is to sell a bunch of products, right?

This database, naturally, allows the site owners to add products and manage web site content. But its real power is in its abilities to track orders, automatically send data to the fulfillment provider (so the client doesn’t have to), and even allow retailers a space to make wholesale purchases online.

We even developed a special mobile version of the database so our client could keep track of orders and all things Twelve South wherever he could use a smartphone.