You’re part of the farm here at Cabedge. And we’re glad to have you. Our clients are why we are here. We look at this relationship as a partnership and want to be more than just a creative vendor to you. Please keep this handy if you ever find you need us.

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Managing Director

615.942.9937 ext 168

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Director of Business Development & Client Experience

615.942.9937 ext 180

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Allen Willis

Director of Digital Marketing

615.942.9937 ext 122

Joe Wallace Image


Director of Creative & Development Services

615.353.1921 ext 164

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Project Manager

615.942.9937 ext 181


Creative Strategist

615.942.9937 x 176

David Saunders

Creative Strategist

615.942.9937 x 179

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Code Slinger

615.353.1921 ext 163


  1. We will ask you a lot of questions. Our team does its best work when we understand your company and your business goals. Please bear with us as we dig deep.
  2. When we agree on an estimated budget, we try our hardest to stick to it.
  3. Your project manager will send you weekly or monthly project updates to keep you in the loop. Please open them. And read them. And let us know if you have any questions.
  4. Estimated budgets are based on hours worked. If our team is asked to do things that aren’t in the original scope of work, we are going to need to spend more time. That means you will spend more money. Let’s have those conversations before anyone is surprised.
  5. We can only meet our deadlines if you meet yours. Please get those approvals up the chain and back to us in a timely manner so we can keep your project moving along smoothly.
  6. Cabedge wants to ensure that you know how to use the tools we create for you. Let us know if you need help and we are happy to carve out time for extra training.
  7. We use a project management tool called Basecamp to keep all correspondence in once place. This is the best way to communicate with our team, so please plan to use this for the entire project.
  8. In order to keep your project moving along, we need to keep our accounting team in the loop on any issues that may arise. If you have questions or concerns about an invoice, let your project manager know immediately so they can get that information to the right person on our management team.
  9. If you fall behind on your payments, the Cabedge team must stop work until payment is received.
  10. Let’s keep an open dialog. We really like what we do and enjoy working with our clients, so please let us know if you need to talk. We will make ourselves available to you as quickly as possible, without exceeding 24 hours.


You can always reach any of us 24/7 via email and we will get back with you within 24 hours. Paul doesn’t sleep, so he will probably be the one to answer you.


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