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A Walk On The Red Carpet Electronic "DSicovery"

Capturing "the Nerd," Nostalgia and Knowledge.

Project Highlights

Our client in this case was our parent company, Atiba Holdings, LLC. The task at hand was a full branding overhaul, consisting of creating new marks for several entities, including Atiba Software, LLC, Atiba Network Services, LLC and Atiba Mobile. The brand suite has also been extended to website redesigns, marketing strategy and copywriting for,, and The websites are all in WordPress, with solid marketing content strategy and traffic generation ability.

Challenge: create a logo suite that does the following:

  • takes an already established brand and evolves it / refreshes it.
  • create a series of marks that positions a growing company (and its sister companies) as a powerhouse in the technology field.
  • build the brand for an ecosystem of Atiba companies, (Atiba Software, Atiba Network Services, Atiba Hosting, Atiba Management, and any future companies) and teams/initiatives (Atiba Mobile, Atiba University, etc.)
  • visually represent the “tech geek” and “nerd” side of Atiba, as well as the impressive expertise, customer service/friendly “human element” that comes from working with us…

What we did:

  • Established marks to not only use for the present, but also provide a fool proof path for the future.
  • We toyed with going in the direction of making an individual shape for each sub company/initiative that all came together to create the Atiba logo, but decided we’d run into problems later if a new sub company was formed or branch was made.
  • The direction we ended up taking does the exact opposite. It makes one shape to build others. It keeps it all in an ecosystem.

Logo Suite Creation


– The ‘A’ in Atiba
-Translates into a triangle
-Triangles are used to build the mark (like pixels do for web)
– The Atiba mark accommodates/translates for the sub companies (allows them to coexist)
– Sub companies are separated by color (they are their own)
– Sub companies are unified by shape (they are still part of Atiba)
– Nostalgia (think Tetris, Atari, Space Invaders, Star Trek, half geek half human)
– Pixels (are squares, split it in two, it makes two triangles, ** Half Geek/Half Human ** and creating the Atiba “A” shape
– Isometric illustration (shading in the mark give it different angles, a nod to 8 bit, goes back to the nerd/nostalgia logic)

– It’s mathematical and artistic. Its half geek, half human.

Responsive Website Design & Development


For the web design portion of this project we didn’t just design a new site; we designed four.,, and One of the most notable features to these projects is the mobile optimization component, as they all feature responsive web design.


Network Services




The New

Responsive Web Design
– New Marketing Messaging/Copy
Brand Elements
Custom Resources Section

atiba resources page 2


A Walk On The Red Carpet Electronic "DSicovery"

Capturing "the Nerd," Nostalgia and Knowledge.