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Who Is Cabedge Design, LLC?

We’re In Nashville & Franklin

As a web-centric communications company, we offer marketing strategy, web design, SEO, social media management, copywriting/content development and programming integration services from our offices in Nashville and Franklin, TN.

What Keeps Us Going

We find our greatest successes with clients who allow us to really understand their complicated problems and complex brands. Our projects often include the reorganization of multiple web properties, the explanation of services and products (especially new ones) and defining the strategies behind the work we produce for them.


Complex Work

Much of the work we do with our clients involves helping them discover how to achieve their business goals. In addition to designing clear and focused strategies, we plan, write, design and build websites and web-based applications as well as print campaigns, conceive custom illustrations and even work with trusted colleagues to produce photos and videos.

Striving For Results

Our most successful clients (meaning the ones who get the most for their money) work with us as a partner rather than a vendor. We’re confident in our expertise, and we love working with clients who are confident in theirs.


An Atiba Company

A Short History Lesson

In January 2012, Atiba Holdings, LLC announced the asset acquisition of the web-centric design firm, founded in 2001. Atiba Holdings, LLC is the parent company to subsidiaries, including Atiba Software, LLC, which has served Nashville business, industry, government and civic groups since 1992.

Solutions Powered By Understanding

Atiba has developed approximately 500 websites, large intranet sites, web based applications and mobile native apps.

A Rare-but-True One-Stop Shop

Cabedge & Atiba combine to offer that elusive one stop technology shop by providing business strategy, interactive marketing, website design, Nashville web development and hosting/maintenance services. The Cabedge brand is now operating under Cabedge Design, LLC, applying corporate brand strategy, interactive marketing, SEO, content development, information architecture, user experience, and e-commerce expertise to serve clients at a high level.

Carrying on a tradition of high-end work

The newest addition to the Atiba family serves clients with business and interactive marketing strategies while planning, designing and building websites and web applications. Past employees have worked with national brands like ExxonMobil, LEGO, National Geographic and The Washington Post, as well as Nashville based companies like Griffin Technology, Shoney’s and BMI.